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"Like a Tattoo" - Think Pink Art Project

"Like a Tattoo" - Think Pink Art Project

This painting entitled 'Like a Tattoo', is a symbiosis of two people with a message:
Mia Thompson, a cancer warrior, and Lino von der Bey, an artist from Düsseldorf.

Mia and Lino launched an Europe-wide campaign, the “Think Pink Art Project”, to raise the awareness of breast cancer together with Think Pink Europe, one of the most popular cancer related organizations.

Available in 2 Editions:

- 250 limited Editions in 36 x50 cm on heavy weight paper.
- 20 Collectors Editions on Linen in 80 x 110 x 4 cm, overpainted and signed individually by the artist...

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At age 27, Mia was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been going through various of treatments. Since then, she is using social media to empower and educate other women in her unique way. Because not many patients share their story as openly as Mia does.

Lino is known for his subtle yet provocative monochrome paintings. Normally these are entirely white, but for this work he selected pink, the color of breast cancer, as the leading color.
What really matters is marked in white. The scar on Mia's breast.

Mostly the scars of cancer are hidden, but the way they are presented in Lino's artwork makes them visible. It shows the connection between body and soul and points out the issue of the invisible scars often being overlooked.
Through this painting, Mia and Lino want to set a signal, connect people and offer everyone an individual access to the topic of breast cancer. The artwork symbolizes strength, cohesion and, above all, a new definition of femininity. Redefining Femininity - Redefining Art.

Through the expressiveness of art, we will attract a new kind of attention to this topic.

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